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Fred Huettig
Director / Treasurer
  • Director / Treasurer
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The LSFOM treasurer is responsible for:

The Treasurer is the officer assigned the primary responsibility of overseeing the management and reporting of LSFOM ’s finances. The Treasurer duties includes:

  • Bank account maintenance – Selecting a bank, signing checks, and investing excess funds wisely
  • Financial transaction oversight – Being knowledgeable about who has access to the organization’s funds, and any outstanding bills or debts owed, as well as developing systems for keeping cash flow manageable
  • Budgets – Developing the annual budget as well as comparing the actual revenues and expenses incurred against the budget
  • Financial Policies – Overseeing the development and observation of the organization’s financial policies
  • Reports – Keeping the board regularly informed of key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health in addition to completing required financial reporting forms in a timely fashion and making these forms available to the board.