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Currently the Friends of Music (LSFOM) board is looking to fill a several  board positions. Thus, we are actively seeking parents to fill the positions of:

LSFOM Co Chair

The LSFOM Chair is the person who creates the agenda for and runs the board meetings. They must gather the information for the agenda based on upcoming events and needs for the organization, communicating with committee chairs, the community and the music Director. Coordinates actions with all committees and represents LSFOM at LSPO meetings.

Treasurer Chair

The Treasurer oversees the management of the financial affairs of the organization, including reconciling the bank statements and managing cash flow. The Treasurer is knowledgeable about any outstanding bills or debts owed. The Treasurer maintains the system for ensuring the organization’s ongoing solvency and oversees the development of the organization’s financial policies, including check signing authority, expense reimbursement, and debit card usage.

The Treasurer is responsible for preparing the annual budget, as well as regularly monitoring and comparing the actual revenues and expenses incurred against such budget. The development of a budget that supports the organization’s goals and drives decision-making is an important part of an organization’s success in effectuating its mission. The budget will be reviewed and approved by the board, however, the Treasurer should be prepared to explain and justify the document.

The Treasurer should keep the board apprised of key financial events, trends, and concerns, and her assessments of the organization’s fiscal health. The Treasurer is also generally responsible for completing, or ensuring the completion of, required financial reporting forms (including the IRS Form 990) in a timely manner and making these forms available for the board’s review.

Fundraising Chair

The fundraising chair is responsible to organize raffle at each music event and to organize one or 2 fundraising events during the school year.


The publicity coordinator help with announcing the events – concert, fundraisers and the accomplishments of the music program in the different media: LSPO website, Newspaper, etc.

Junior District Concession

Each year LS host the Junior district festival during 2 days LSFOM manage a concession stand selling breakfast , snacks and lunch.

Recording Engineer

We record each concert and sell recordings to our community. The recording engineer is in charge of recording the concert and creating the Master CD.

Filling these roles promptly will be essential to keeping LSFOM up and running. Please consider taking an active role. Your ideas, energy and enthusiasm are encouraged at any level. For more information, email LS Friends of Music.