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Emily Fagan
Fundraising Co-Chair
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Emily joined the LSFOM Board in 2015.

The chair organizes the fundraiser, makes the final decisions relating to the event and oversees all facets of the project in general.
Develop Strategy
A fund-raising chairperson’s first goal is to develop or review current fund-raising strategies. This also includes meeting with the LSFOM Board and the music directors to clearly define fund-raising goals and objectives.
Develop Fundraising Ideas
The chairperson must have a vision for fund-raising ideas. The chairpersons typically introduces fund-raising ideas to LSFOM Board Members and the music directors presents their ideas for discussion, mediation and consideration. Once the idea is accepted or approved, the chairperson can begin to target resources through formal proposals to solicit funds from corporations, businesses and through the grant writing process.
the chairperson is meeting and networking with organizations such as business development groups and government associations to solicit support for a fund-raising activity.
Fundraising activity management
Recruit volunteers to manage fundraising activities.